Who We Are

Lester Dominic Solicitors (LDS) is a well-established firm in London that has represented international businesses and individual clients from over 150 countries and territories.

LDS commenced serving its clients in 2004, and through the years LDS established itself as a niche brand in the legal sector with its presence extended globally, beyond London, where it is headquartered.

LDS has associate and affiliate offices around the world

Key to Our Success

“Possessing a progressive approach, we strive to always provide a practical, personal and professional service to all our clients, whilst exceeding expectations.”

We understand clients’ natural concerns about costs, and we provide our clients with the best possible cost information both at the outset and when appropriate, as the matter progresses

Our Sister Companies

LDC is a global business strategy and technology advisory firm based in London

LD Group is a global professional services company with headquarters based in London

LDE is formed in order to meet the demand of LDS’ clienteles  to manage its clients’ properties.

We are continuing to monitor the current situation and taking Coronavirus very seriously. Amid these unprecedented times, we are also following the advice from the U.K. Government.
While you should protect your well-being and stay at home, you may also have pressing legal issues that require urgent attention. In that case, we are fully equipped to facilitate your meetings with our lawyers through video conference or over the phone.
For all enquiries please contact us at:

+44 (0)20 8371 7400
We are here to help!