How to sell your Property: 7 simple steps to success

Here are 7 simple steps to a smooth and stress-free sale. 1) Contact several local estate agents to receive the best valuation for your Property.  It is always important to ensure that you are comfortable with the Agent dealing with your sale as they will be your point of contact throughout the process. 2) Instruct a [...]

The Divorce Process– Making the Decision

For many, making the final decision is often the most challenging part of the divorce process.  Acknowledging the reality that a marriage has broken down may take months or years, depending on the circumstances, and can prove to be an emotional journey.  It may be a mutual decision when a marriage has simply reached [...]

No Fault Divorce

For the first time in the UK no fault divorce is to be introduced. Under current UK law the only ground for divorce is the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.  To prove this to the court the Petitioner (the person who brings the divorce) has to rely on one of five facts in his or [...]

Transfer of Equity – What is it?

During the last few months we have had many Clients asking: “I want to transfer my Property into someone else’s name, does that mean I need to sell the Property?”  The answer is “no”, a simple transfer of equity will suffice. Here’s an example.  Mike’s mother wants to transfer the property into Mike’s name.  Instead [...]

Annual Summit 2019 (5-6 July 2019)

At Lester Dominic Solicitors, we foster a culture of high professional standards to achieve results for our clients.  Strategic planning is always the foundation of a successful business environment.  Every year we go back to the drawing board during our Annual Summit at Oakley Court, Windsor, and review our performance in line with our [...]

Norwood’s 20th Property Lunch

Lester Dominic Solicitors were invited to Norwood’s 20th Property lunch on 7th June 2019.  The event held at the Hilton on Park Lane was one of its biggest raising events.  The Right Honourable Michael Gove MP was the guest speaker on the day.  The event has raised more than £500,000 from all who participated. Norwood [...]