Wills & Probate

Wills & Probate

We understand that the breakdown of a marriage, civil partnership and cohabitation can be one of the most distressing moments in your life. Not only does this involve emotional discomfort but also raises concerns of how family assets will be split and who the children will live with.

What We Do

At Lester Dominic Solicitors we pride ourselves for being very sympathetic towards your emotions yet take a pragmatic approach when handling all matters.  We are a highly reputable law firm with a friendly and professional team who have extensive experience in dealing with Family matters. We appreciate that all Family matters have a sensitive nature to them therefore we will do our utmost to protect your privacy and ensure that your matter is kept confidential.

We will always ensure that we provide an excellent service that is tailored to fulfil your specific needs. We encourage Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to avoid lengthy, costly and acrimonious proceedings as well as to reach an amicable settlement for you. However, when ADR does not achieve the desired outcome for you, we will not hesitate to initiate court proceedings on your behalf and support you throughout the whole process.

We will always advise you on the most cost-effective way to deal with your matter.  Not only will we keep you fully updated of the developments in your case but we will also keep you updated on the costs implication of your case throughout the course of your matter.

We are here for you and will always strive to reach the best outcome for you.

Here is the cost Information for wills and probate.


For more information about our Wills and Probate services please contact our Solicitor, Lester Kan, on lkan@lesterdominic.com