Wills & Probate

Wills & Probate

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Death is inevitable and a certainty in life.  Whilst this is unavoidable, we can help and advise you on your Will so that your wishes are carried out effectively after your death.

Whilst your will relates to your wishes after your passing, we find that most people neglect what might happen in the event that they lose capacity and are unable to make decisions due to illness or serious injury.  Have you thought about who you would trust to make decisions regarding your finances and welfare on your behalf?

What We Do

We offer advice and assistance for you to appoint your attorney(s) so that your interests are protected by someone you trust in the unfortunate event that you lose legal capacity.

Services Upon Death

We understand your Will is important to you and your loved ones.  We will spend time with you to discuss all aspects of your Will and when appropriate we will refer you to tax experts to advise you on financial planning to minimise the tax liability on your Estate (wherever possible) to protect our position.

Losing a loved one can never be easy and the law surrounding the administration of estates can be very daunting.  We understand this is an important and often emotional time for you and your family, so we aim to lift the heavy burden on your shoulders by making the entire process as straightforward as possible and guide you all the way.

What We Do

We have specialist knowledge in dealing with cross-jurisdictional estates, including where the deceased was a non-UK domiciliary.

We offer advice and assistance to ensure that you have dutifully discharged your responsibility to the beneficiaries and any tax duties as the Executor or Personal Representative of the Estate.

We can also appoint funeral directors or arrange removal companies on your behalf to move belongings from the deceased’s home.  Our property department is on standby to assist you with the sales of real estate arising from the Estate.

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For more information about our Wills and Probate services please contact our Solicitor, Lester Kan at lkan@lesterdominic.com